Bullies send cruel messages to boy every morning before his online lessons

School looks a little different now that tough lockdown measures mean children have to learn from home.

But if the change hasn’t been challenging enough for some pupils, one young boy has had to deal with bullies too.

Breadon Davis, a fifth-grade student (year six in the UK) who attends Reavis Elementary School, in Bronzeville, Chicago, has been logging on to his virtual classes to see numerous hurtful messages from his classmates.

While some students have threatened him, others have updated his username to ‘suicide kid’, causing his mum Cassie Woods to worry about school life after remote learning.

Mum Cassie said: “So I started seeing inappropriate messages

“They were saying like f*** you, started calling him stupid, they threaten him like snitches get stitches.”

Other screenshots show the classmates making fun of Breadon’s mum.

One day his screen name was changed to ‘your mom cancer’ and the next, it said ‘suicide kid’.

“That’s basically insinuating for him to kill himself. It just kept getting worse and worse from that point,” Carrie added.

Breadon explained that the messages just “pop up randomly”, whilst he’s trying to work.

But when he told his teacher, they told him that they couldn’t see the messages or a change in his screen name.

Breadon said: “When I tell the teacher, the teacher says it’s just a regular message but how is it a regular message if I can see it?”

“You should be able to do something or see something – this is a CPS issued computer”, says Cassie.

With potentially only a few more weeks of remote learning, Cassie fears that the bullying will continue when Breadon returns to school.